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Prior to launching in early 2006, Eddie cut his teeth by showcasing his talents at After buying Sportstox from his two original partners, Eddie decided to meet his client's demands with his own well recognized name brand and website. At, Eddie continues to provide innovative analysis of professional and collegiate sports for all of his long time faithful members.

So how do I pick you a winner?

Throughout the week, odds makers and sports books have to set lines for every game played. I very simply exploit their mistakes.

I spend endless hours compiling enormous amounts of information that includes statistics, injury reports, trends including the latest weather reports. I use a combination of heavy statistical analysis, trend theory, power ratings, situational theory, solid information and a host of other factors to be successful for my loyal clients every year. This is a full-time job for me and I spend 8 - 10 hrs a day, 7 days a week researching and studying games.

I understand most clients don't have this amount of time each week to research the games; therefore I have made a personal dedication to make my research and results available to the betting public here at

When it comes to handicapping sports, I firmly believe in the theory of "value". In other words, a play either has value or it doesn't. Based on this, some days I may have 5-7 selections, some days I may have only one or two. I will never "force" a play, make a selection just because it's a marquee game or on TV, or make a selection that doesn't fit my criteria. A game either qualifies as a play (presents favorable odds) or it does not. Only those that meet my filtering criteria are the selections are released to my clients.

Lastly, I promise not to fool you with outrageous winning percentage claims or locks. These simply do not exist. At, I pride myself on honesty, integrity and customer satisfaction.


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