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Eddie Hawkins is a native Floridian who grew up anticipating Spring Training each year. Growing up, Eddie often traveled within the state to visit various professional baseball camps in hopes of collecting autographs of the superstar athletes of the late 70’s early 80’s. In fact, after years of visiting the spring training camps, Eddie claims to have collected nearly 200 autographed baseballs and baseball cards. It was during these long hot days of Spring Training where Eddie envisioned himself one day signing autographs for young avid baseball fans.

Although Eddie never made it to the big leagues, he did compete at a very high level. Eddie went on to play Division I baseball in the South on a full athletic scholarship. Eddie was a switch hitting center fielder and was remembered for his leadership role on and off the field. Eddie earned 3 Varsity letters as well as an education from one of the best Universities in the country.

In Eddie’s sophomore season, playing in the conference championship game, Eddie made a magnificent catch in centerfield. There were two men on base and the top hitter in the conference was up to the plate with the game on the line. A line shot was hit to the right-center gap in the outfield, an almost sure double. Eddie got an outstanding jump on the ball off the bat and made a diving catch for the final out. While walking into the dugout with teammates and fans cheering, the assistant coach told Eddie he “swooped after that ball like a hawk!" The nickname seemed to fit Eddie like a glove - perfectly. Eddie was known for having outstanding speed in the field and a sharp eye at the plate. The “Hawk” has been his nickname ever since.

After an outstanding collegiate career, Eddie signed a minor league contract with a major league baseball team. However, after fighting through numerous injuries and surgeries, Eddie decided to walk away from the game at the age 27. Fortunately, Eddie had a college degree with a passion for sports and a legitimate business back up plan. Due to unfortunate contract negotiations, Eddie walked away from the game with virtually no money in his bank account.

With little options and a decreasing bank account, the Hawk took his sharp eye and keen business sense to work for a hometown sports agency. For two years Eddie pounded down leads of potential “up and coming” prospects in college and high school baseball players that would possibly enter the MLB draft. This was a chance for Eddie to give back to the game that gave him so much in his youth. However, Eddie’s strengths weren’t being put to good use representing the faces of the future. Eddie needed to be around numbers on a daily basis in order to use his strengths to the fullest. It was in 2001 that the world of sports handicapping as we knew it would all change!

The numerous days of daydreaming in center field led Eddie to a vision. If there was a possible way to keep track of every statistic in one database, and more importantly have a natural gut instinct to pick winners, people would eventually rely on the Hawk to make them money gambling. In 2001, Eddie developed a one of a kind database and combined it with a keen eye to trends, injury reports, box scores and team statistics. His database holds statistics which are separated by the sport, division, team, and individual players. Eddie’s database receives feeds from all over the world in relation to injuries, weather and who’s hot and who’s not. All of this was just for fun until August of 2001 when Eddie was approached by an ex-teammate who saw the potential in making this a business. His ex-teammate was the financial support and Eddie was the brains behind the business venture. Eddie has successfully and uniquely been turning profits ever since.


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